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About Magicraft Board game Manufacturer

Starting from board game manufacturing, our team now has the competence in sampling, manufacturing, shipping, fulfillment, custom clearance, special object customization. Magicraft Games would be your one-stop solution provider.

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About Magicraft

Magicraft.cn is a constantly evolving professional playing cards and game cards company since 2012, and has become one of the leading playing cards and games manufacturer of the world. We produce professional decks of cards without the traditional design and consultation fees. Our huge investments in building a very versatile, flexible and easy to use online platform in addition to incorportating state of the art technology and machinery, coupled with our vast experience in this industry and understanding of the market, puts us ahead of our competitition, not only on our capabilities but also our continuous push to setting new higher standards. Our streamlined online cards maker with our manufacturing and production processes makes the turnaround time very fast, efficient, reduces chances of errors happening and is very cost-effective hence the lower pricing for you. Our easy to use online platform enables you to customize your playing cards or game cards with your artwork files, choose from different card stocks such as linen or smooth, black core, paper or plastic, different card sizes, finishing and box packaging options as well some special production methods such as foiling, gilded edges, embossed box, spot UV just to name a few. Our fully built-in real-time online preview functionality gives you even more control, allowing you to quickly create professional custom playing card designs the way you want them.

When it comes to quality, we come second to none. Whether you’re in the tabletop games industry needing a supplier to print custom made playing cards, in retail to sell your own designs of cards or just looking to increase brand awareness with logo playing cards, we can do it for you! Magi has attained high levels of operation with accreditations with many globally recognized standards organizations, so you can be certain, you’re getting your cards made with a very responsible and trusted manufacturer.


No matter what custom card game you have crafted up, we will bring it to life!Magicraft will make your custom printed card game a cost effective high quality reality. Our team has manufactured millions of custom card games for our clients and KickStarter campaigns.Magicraft produces custom card games complete with just about any personalized accessories including booklets, dice, instructions, spinners, timers, tuck or setup boxes and much more. In addition, we are now offering fantastic fulfillment services for your products whether you print with us or not.



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