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Custom board game manufacturer custom game for adults

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Magicraft ​is capble of broad range of components for card games and board games. We have the capacity to offer a variety of materials, sizes, shapes, finishing and packing. This variety allows us to create custom manufacturing solutions of any production need.

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According to your requirement
Full color(CMYK or spot color)
Card stock
300gsm/350gsm/400gsm white core art paper stock
270gsm/280gsm economical blue core paper stock
310gsm/330gsm casino quality black core paper stock
0.3-0.35mm thick white/black smooth PVC plastic stock
Box stock
300gsm/350gsm/400gsm white cardboard paper stock
2mm thick cardboard wrapped with 157gsm art paper rigid stock
Booklet/Manual/Guidbook stock
Cover;128gsm/157gsm/200gsm/250gsm withe art paper stock
Inner pages:80gsm/100gsm/128gsm offset paper stock
1)Standard glossy varnish 2)High glossy UV varnish 3)Glossy/matte lamination

4)Gold/silver/holographic/multi color edges
5)Gold/silver/holographic/multi color foil stamp
6)Liner/dot finish 7)Embossing 8)Spot UV coating
Box options
1)Paper tuck box  2)Lid bottom box  3)Fold over box with magnet lid

4)Matchbox style rigid box  5)Hinged neck box
Tokens/ cubes/ meeples/ gems/ discs./ coins/ miniatures/ dices and so on


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