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New design english children game card printing

Card Game We Produce
Card game could for educational resources or entertainment use. For educational resources, they are normally some learning flash cards, logical game, or matching game, etc. It is helpful to children’s brain development and thinking logic.

For entertainment use, we make race card game, strategy game, or monopoly game, etc. We have capacity to produce various types of games at a good pricing and quality. Components that are included in the game are what we could source for you as well.

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Card Game

The card game’s fun and entertaining nature and simple product format make it popular with children as well as adults in the world. We have produced numerous card games for our accounts for decades. Please find this case of card game.


Extent: box + platform + 60 cards

Box: lid & bottom box, 128gsm artpaper + 2mm millboard + glossy lamination

Cards: 300gsm C1S + glossy lamination

Others: silk-screen printing on accetate for top layers of cards

MOQ: 1000 setsboard game manufacturer


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