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Printing Game Pieces Factory Manufacturer

We are an industry-leading tabletop games manufacturer based in Henan, China.Over 10 years experience producing winning card and board games for international markets.Specialized in-house facilities to handle all games manufacturing, printing, and packaging.

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OEM/ODM For Boad Games&Card Games&Game Components

√Professional Team      √QA Quality

Providing a full-service solution to successfully manufacture your game and achieve desired player experience.Working closely with you and going beyond our  core responsibilities to ensure your success.Providing great value for money,low cost per unit with a small MOQ of 500 games.Helping you meet your specific goals,whether lower cost or higher quality productions.

According to your requirement
Full color(CMYK or spot color)
Card stock
300gsm/350gsm/400gsm white core art paper stock
270gsm/280gsm economical blue core paper stock
310gsm/330gsm casino quality black core paper stock
0.3-0.35mm thick white/black smooth PVC plastic stock
Box stock
300gsm/350gsm/400gsm white cardboard paper stock
2mm thick cardboard wrapped with 157gsm art paper rigid stock
Booklet/Manual/Guidbook stock
Cover;128gsm/157gsm/200gsm/250gsm withe art paper stock
Inner pages:80gsm/100gsm/128gsm offset paper stock

1)Standard glossy varnish 2)High glossy UV varnish 3)Glossy/matte lamination

4)Gold/silver/holographic/multi color edges
5)Gold/silver/holographic/multi color foil stamp
6)Liner/dot finish 7)Embossing 8)Spot UV coating
Box options

1)Paper tuck box  2)Lid bottom box  3)Fold over box with magnet lid

4)Matchbox style rigid box  5)Hinged neck box
Tokens/ cubes/ meeples/ gems/ discs./ coins/ miniatures/ dices and so on


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